Great old school heavy metal with a contemporary sound, including all the necessary ingredients….full attack of guitar solos and a melodic metal throat resounds that fits perfectly…

Rating 8/10.

Rock Tribune Magazine – Belgium

…eight tracks with enough variety and wonderful melodies and heavy guitar riffs…. “ARISE” is therefore a particularly sympathetic record, because the band does what it likes, apart from what is hip and happening nowadays.

Rating 7,5/10.

Aardschok Magazine – the Netherlands

“ARISE” consistently follows the path of the debut EP from 2018, in other words: melodic power metal with a North American sound, which bands such as Leatherwolf, Riot and of course Stryper once popularized…

Rating 7,5/10.

Rock Hard Magazine – Germany

…powerful and uncomplicated heavy metal that contains melodic elements that are well balanced, not too poppy with metal riffs as a solid foundation. The sing-along choruses will surely provide the necessary interaction live…

Rating 7,5/10.

Burrn! Magazine – Japan

All aspects of Arise are otherwise extremely well performed and composed, with songwriting in particular standing out.  Specifically, Angelic Forces shines from a musicianship standpoint in reference to the dual guitar leads, timekeeping and energetic vocals, with the next to perfect production allowing all aspects of band performance to shine.  I afford equal appreciation to the group for its dedication to a traditional metal sound while also yielding power and melodic metal aspects.  I look forward to hearing more from this talented group.

Rating 8/10.

Angelic Warlord Magazine – U.S.A.

Sharp riffs, epic refrains, energetic melodies, solos designed to torture amplifiers and wide-ranging vocal lines, with Harold de Vries ranging from fierce roar to the highest tone… just like you should expect from a heavy metal vocalist!

Rating 8/10.

Metalhead Magazine – Italy

Angelic Forces have put together a solid album that pays homage to late 80’s metal but presents it in an updated manner sure to please the older fans as well as bring in some new ones.

Rating 8/10

The Metal Resource – The Netherlands
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